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Think big online marketing for small businesses

My Ideal Client @ K Madison

If you're a local business owner, coach, consultant, or course creator who provides services and/or products, we can help you strategize and market your business online. We'll help you reach your local market and set up marketing/sales funnels so you can grow and scale your business from anywhere in the world!

How I Help

We turn your aspirations of having an online presence into a reality - simple as that. Sometimes small businesses can feel overwhelmed with all of the steps involved in building an online presence, but we're here to help. We have a step-by-step approach that is customized for each client’s needs so that our goal of helping you build a time and energy-efficient long-term strategy to achieve local online authority, and get you ranked on Google can be met. While we're working on implementing this long-term plan, we also have short-term strategies in place to get our clients immediate results.

Who is Paul Kim

“I saw a need for content and video marketing in order to stay relevant in the world of social media.”

As a business owner myself, I found that online marketing can be overwhelming with so many options.

Personally, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours of my time trying out various platforms and services and it was certainly draining. However, testing and utilizing various online marketing services and tools combined with being a local business owner has given me insight into what can work. Through building the our team, I learned that having support from knowledgeable people can help you narrow down the best platforms and strategy according to your needs.”

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